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After deciding to become a jazz drummer and given the title, “The World’s Greatest Drummer”, Buddy Rich’s fans demanded a drum book. Buddy called on his friend and teacher Henry Adler to collaborate with him in writing his snare drum book. Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments, written in collaboration with Henry Adler was first published in 1942. As eager fans began studying with the collaborating author Henry Adler, they soon discovered the key to “The Method”, getting out of the drum. For them, it changed forever, the way they would approach their instrument.

With Henry Adler’s approval in 2005, Ted MacKenzie revised the “Bible” of snare drum books. Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare drum Rudiments written in collaboration with Henry Adler revised by Ted MacKenzie 2-DVD EDITION. It is called, “The Bible of snare drum books.” It is the #1 best selling snare drum book in the world.

Drumsticks are designed to bounce, or rebound off the drumheads and cymbals with amazing speed. The wrists must be properly trained to deal with the rebounding sticks.

Snare drums and tom toms have variable differences in stick rebound. Cymbals, made of metal alloy, have a very fast rebound. The wrists must be trained to adjust to these various rebounding surfaces. Hand speed is developed by quickly moving the wrists to and from the four natural rebound positions: (1) the down position, (2) the full stroke, (3) half stroke and (4) the1/4 stroke -all within a very slow tempo. The student carefully monitors consistent hand positions and wrist turns until proper technique is established.

Accents are created with a slight “pinch” of the fulcrum. This is Stage I, non-bounce. After practicing the rudiments in this concise way the student then begins Stage II, bouncing out the rudiments.

The Ultimate Drummer’s Workout DVD by Ted MacKenzie, was published in 2006. It is a resistance-training program using wire brushes to quickly and accurately develop all of the exercises contained in the snare drum book and my follow-up book, Buddy Rich’s Rudiments Around the Kit. Brushes are to be used to warm up every practice session, or performance. This training method wakes up the ability of the drummer’s hands to get out of the drum with minimal practice time and amazing results. It is the “glue” that masters the method.

Buddy Rich’s Rudiments Around the Kit DVD EDITION, by Ted MacKenzie, was published in 2008. It is the follow-up to the Buddy Rich snare drum book. While learning to bounce out the 60+ rudiments in the snare drum book the student begins to move all of the rudiments from the snare drum to the rest of the drum kit in an easy to understand format. At this point the student experiences an incredible acceleration of drumming vocabulary unmatched in any other “method” today.

Jim Chapin taught Ted the Moeller method. It was a huge influence on Ted’s technique. Jim Chapin and Gene Krupa where “star” pupils of Sanford Moeller. Moeller learned this ancient technique while studying Civil War drummers in the late 1800s. Today, the Moeller technique has evolved from military drumming to the “sit-down” approach of modern drumming. The Moeller method is not an easy method to teach, or learn, but Ted has ways of teaching the method that get BIG results.

Ted MacKenzie has been teaching drummers since 1966 and has taught an amazing diversity of students. Ted has performed thousands of gigs: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Big Band, Piano Trio, Organ Trio, Marching Bands. He has toured, recorded and is a clinician.

“All a drummer needs is enthusiasm the right method and time to practice!”

Master the “basics”!

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